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Orion International Advisors is the new name for the IAIB
- International Association of Investment Bankers.

Mid-market and emerging growth companies, often shunned by the larger investment banks, have an increasing need for access to investment and growth opportunities across the world.

Our association was set up in 1994 based on the belief that boutique banks are optimally positioned to meet the unique investment banking needs of these important companies. Over the last 26 years member firms have built close working relationships with each other, often sharing resources and expertise, enabling our clients to have access to top quality M&A advisory and financing expertise from across the globe.

Every six months member firms take it in turns to host a conference. At these two-day gatherings we develop collaboration opportunities, review market trends around the world and exchange news and new business ideas. These meetings also give us a chance to benchmark ourselves, share best practice and gain different perspectives on industry sectors, internal operations, research capabilities and many other things. To call this event a conference makes it sound rather grand. Quite the opposite: these are meetings between a group of friends which serve to deepen the bonds between us and help us deliver the highest level of personal attention to our clients.

Of course we have had to resort to virtual conferences in the past few months, but if anything these difficult times have brought us closer together.

Together, we celebrate milestones and successes and provide guidance to each other during challenging times. Most importantly, we share resources and expertise to deliver optimal value to our clients.

Over time we have added new members, gaining from the fresh injection of new ideas, expertise and perspectives that each provides. Applications from prospective members are welcome. If you would like to learn more, we at Orion International Advisors would love to hear from you.

Tom Blake Richard Hall

Tom Blake and Richard Hall

Co-Chairs, Orion International Advisors

June 2020

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